This little Husky…

This little Husky came for a visit,

this little Husky tagged along.

This little Husky had all the goodies,

this little Husky had none.

And this little Husky cried “YAY YAY YAY!!” all the way home.


Daily statement:

Three hours of family fun, probably two dead mice (that I know of), one looted goody bag,1 four of the new roses fertilised *cough**cough*, three munched branches, one crushed ego2 and a fabulous 10km run home! Bubbles did very well today, and tomorrow is a rest day.


  1. Sisko found the goody bag… of course he did.
  2. Sisko’s triumphed yet again. Worse, he let Bubbles know in no uncertain terms that his feeble attempts at a palace revolt are laughable!

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