Cuteness Alert!

Eyes are open, and the little ones are tumbling around in the whelping box, and now in the pen, too. Mommie Kira is taking care of them affectively and is parenting the saucy boys.

Our vet is  very pleased with Kira’s recovery. Although the babies were quite big (none less than 600 g), she has no lesions and no problems with nursing.

We are happy and thankful with everything turning out so well.

And so we proudly present some more pictures!

Rüde 1 / Male 1

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rot-weiß / red/white - reserviert / not available


Rüde 2 / Male 2

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kupfer-weiß / copper/white - nicht reserviert / available


Hündin / Female

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agouti-weiß / agouti/white - reserviert / not available