Benedictus of Kahnawake

Call Name: Tio
Stud Book No.: VDH/DCNH SH 16440/18
Breeder: Iris Kammerer (FCI/VDH/DCNH)
Owner: Katharina Lanz & Paul Huebner
DOB: 2017/03/17
Coat: black – white (tanpoint domino)
Eyes: brown/brown
Hips: A1 (06/13/2020, DMV Heinrich Camp, Kleve)
Eye result: eyes clear, Gonioscopy clear (ECVO/DOK test 03/13/2019 by DMV Nina Müller, Pohlheim)
COI: 0,00 % / AVK 95.16 % (calculated for 5 generations)

Approved For Breeding

by specialty judge Noel Baaser (DE) on 08/01/2020 in Bad Buchau.

Size according to protocol:

withers length chest bust
59.5 cm / 23.4 in 68 cm / 26.8 in 26,5 cm / 10.4 in 75 cm / 29.5 in
Conformation Assessment Report (translated by me):
General appearance:
General appearance: excellent
Built: rectangular
Coat: dark grey, black and white
Pigment: black
Character: very friendly
Type, expression: typical
Head: head line typical for breed with pronounced stop
Bite: scissor bite
Irregularities: P3 u.r. missing (vet’s certificate on hand)
Eyes: almond-shaped, correctly set
Color of eyes: brown/brown
Neck: of medium length, strong
Back: straight, strong, correct croup
Tail, tail set: correctly set and carried
Forehand: parallel and straigt, excellently built chest
Hinds: typical angulation, parallel
Paws: oval and closed
Movement: swiftly with sufficient stride, parallel movements in all quarters, carrying tail slightly happily
Hair coat: typical for breed, slightly blown
no limitations
Approved for breeding for lifetime


Tio was the firstborn in our litter B, being a son of the late Salai (Balance Master Speigas) out of our Kira (Zausel’s Red Rose). His distinguished features are his confidence and his striking resemblence to his sire.

Tio lives in the Bregenz Forest (Vorarlberg/Austria, near Lake Constance) right above Bregenz with a sportive couple, leading an active and mobile life – mountaineering, hiking, canicross, travelling, all kinds of winter sports. He is an athletic dog who loves to run, free of aggression, compliant with people and other dogs and very attentive.

Because he is the spitting image of his beautiful sire we urged his owners to have him approved for breeding.

Tio is open for stud to approved Siberian Husky females according to rules and regulations of the FCI.

If you want to know more about Tio, please contact his owners Katharina Lanz and Paul Huebner: tio (at)


Tio sired our Litter F (Tio x Opra, 12/30/2020, 3 females).

Photos by courtesy of Victoria Rüf & Fabian Willi (, Paul Hübner & Katharina Lanz (Vannomaden), Monique van Ree-Hagg (Salai), Tanja Backes (Dogcellent), Katharina Dippel & Marcel Kraus (Alpencross).