Zausel’s Red Rose

Kira resting
Kira resting


Call Name: Kira

Breeder: Sylvia Gusinde, Zausel’s Siberian Huskies (FCI, DE)
DOB: 08/31/2014
Coat: copper-white
Eyes: amber/blue-amber parti
COI: 0,00 %
Hips: A1  (2015/10/12 by DMV Heinrich Camp, Kleve)
Eyes test: clear of hereditary diseases apart from MPP, left (2019/11/12 by DMV Nina Müller, Pohlheim, ECVO/DOK)
Title: Junior Champion (DCNH), 2 x J-CAC (VDH), 2 x J-CAC (DCNH), 3 x J-CAC-R (VDH), 3 x J-CAC-R (DCNH)

Approved for breeding – retired

by breed judge Gabriela Richard (DE) on April 23rd 2016 in Sinn (DE).

Measurements (acc. to protocol, cm/inches)

withers length chest bust
55 cm / 21.6 in 65,5 cm / 25.8 in  24 cm / 9.5 in 68 cm / 26.8 in

Conformation assessment report (translated by me)

Friendly bitch giving an excellent overall impression.

Structure of correct proportions and angulations, feminine expression, balanced bone structure with very good muscling. Feminine head with correct proportions, scissor bite, eyes almond-shaped (blue/amber), correctly set ears, balanced neck, straight and strong back line with tail correctly set and worn, fore and hind quarters parallel and correctly angulated, very well closed paws, floating movement, strongly pushing forward, typical coat with outer coat and undercoat in copper and white, pigment according to color of coat.


excellent character


approved for breeding until the age of 8 (08/2022), breeding partner must be clear of MPP (membrana pupillaria persistens)

Zausel's Red Rose
Zausel’s Red Rose (07/13/2017, ©Tanja Backes)

Zausel's Red Rose
Zausel’s Red Rose (07/13/2017, ©Tanja Backes)

On All Saints’ Day 2014 we picked up our “crazy chick” from Sylvia Gusinde’s kennel, and from the first moment on she charmed us alltogether. This blitheful and bright girl livened the place up and still does.

By the end of April 2015, I went to a dog show with her, encouraged by her breeder. She was handled by Oliver Staab, a quite experienced dog handler, and she was judged as “very promising”, and ranked just above her littermate Zausel’s Raining Night (Lou) who is living with Siberian Husky breeder Iris Schmuck (Carina’s Grey Flash kennel) in South Bavaria.

Fun in the fields
Fun in the fields

During 2015 and 2016 we entered several dog shows (we went to Dortmund in October as well). January 2016 we thwarted our chance for the JCh due to stage fright. But still, especially because I lacked experience as a show handler and learnt it from scratch together with her, we are proud of Kira’s results. Five times, she was judged excellent (Exc.) – among the judges were Kim Leblanc (Snowmist Kennel, CAN) and Guido Schäfer (Hightower’s Kennel, DE). Twice she won her class with Exc.1, gaining a J-CAC, and three times she was ranked Exc.2. Finally, Kira gained the title of a Junior Champion (DCNH).

Snow girl
Snow girl

In April 2016 she was approved for breeding by Gabriele Richard. Our girl was judged as excellent, highlighting her movement, particularly the dynamic impulse. Her license is limited only due to a harmless MPP (iris-to-iris).

After litter A left our house we started showing her again. Judgements improved from very good to excellent, and we worked on further improvements in handling. But since she does not like shows, we decided not to drag her there any more.

Kira is an agile dog, loves to pull, trotting as well as galopping. We use her as lead dog, and it never strains her. While walking, we cannot unleash her, because due to her need for speed she would instantly run out of sight. So we work out her desire to go in the garden or dog-scooting and bike-joring.

Kira is the mother of our litter A, sired by MCh Waterfall Velnio Malunas, litter B, sired by MCh BISS Balance Master Speigas. and Litter D, sired by Inner Vision Carbon Monoxide.

On Thursday, September 3rd 2020, Kira fell sick severely. She was diagnosed with pyometra and underwent surgery the same night. Therefore she is retired.

Kira’s Pedigree

Kira's Pedigree
Kira’s Pedigree (DCNH/VDH/FCI)


Litter A (Sire: Waterfall Velnio Malunas called Doby)

Litter B (Sire: Balance Master Speigas, called Salai)

Litter D (Sire: Inner Vision Carbon Monoxide)

  • Damian of Kahnawake
  • Donata of Kahnawake
  • Diego of Kahnawake
  • Dunstan of Kahnawake
Zausel's Red Rose - Kira
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