Do You Like Our Puppies?

You are interested in getting a puppy from our kennel? Well, then we first should tell you that in case of an adoption we will entrust you with one of our family members. 😉 

Our puppies are born in the house. Together with their mom they spend their baby days close to us and later grow up in a puppy room and in the garden and yard. The pups and their mom are always at our side, never out of reach. We keep our dogs with love and care for them to the best of our knowledge, and we are willing to learn more and more all the time. And so our pups are raised with love and to the best of our knowledge, too. It really hurts to see them go. We want our pups to live with furever families in loving homes and we hope to see them and enjoy their lively presence from time to time.

So when you adopt a pup from us, you become a part of our family. You will not get rid of us. All your pup’s life!

That does not scare you off?

Great! 🙂

But how to proceed?

First you should contact us as soon as possible. “As soon as possible” means: do not wait, until a pregnancy is confirmed, call any time, even when no dam is bred! Hence, we always keep our current breeding plans updated on this site. You probably will have to wait some time for a puppy, and yes, it might take about a year.

Contact us by email, by phone, via social media etc., whatever you prefer. The we will ask you to visit us, because we want to get to know the furever families of our little darlings very well. If you are living abroad, maybe a visit is too tough a thing to ask for. Yet, we will never deliver a pup to someone we do not know. Maybe you know a breeder we are friends with, maybe she or he can introduce you to us.

However, only by visiting our husky farm you can really get a picture of how we live with our dogs, train them, how our pups grow up, see in what shape our dogs are, how much space there is for them – and you can use the opportunity to ask everything you want to know.

Afterwards, you can unhurriedly think about what you have seen, whether it meets your requirements and ideas, so you can trust in us and what we do.

And vice versa we can. 🙂

And maybe you will return once more to see how the pups benefit, when being bred and raised according to their character and breed.

Please have trust in us, when we do not just let you choose a pup. We know our babies very well and we are looking for a matching family, regardless of color of coat or eyes. Because the sparkling blue eyes do not compensate a ragged sofa, when you lack the time to fully occupy your little racer. Neither does the Iditarod finisher in your young husky girl’s pedigree, when she prefers to go prancing on the catwalk instead of pushing forward in harness. 😉

And if there is no match for you in the current or next litter, please be patient! Particularly if it is your first Siberian husky, it can be helpful to slowly approach this special breed over a period of time. They are indeed very special, lovable and friendly with a mind of their own. These beautiful animals not only need activity, but need to be raised with love, patience and consistency.

This has to be fully realized first.

But do not be afraid! In any case, we will be happy, if you contact us.

Siberian Huskies of Kahnawake