Current Breeding Plans

If you are interested in our breeding and puppies, please contact us right away. Information about how we choose future families for our puppies can be found here.

Litter J (Winter 2023/24): Conan x Ronja

Litter J was born on December 24th 2023. Conan Of Kahnawake and Ronja (Emma Of Kahnawake) mated on October 24th. On November 24th, pregnancy was confirmed by an ultrasound scan. 

CJW20 JCh Conan Of Kahnawake “Conan”, ©2021 by Rüdiger Stegmann
Emma Of Kahnawake, dam of planned litter
Emma Of Kahnawake, called Ronja, ©2021 by Carolina Jurgutat

Conan is a wonderful partner in crime for outdoor sports like hiking and bike-joring. In 2020 he gained his Junior Champion title in just 2 shows and went Club Junior Winner 2020.

Ronja lives with friends and is a trekking afficionado who already has hiked some of the most beautiful Northern trails in Lapland. She was shown only a few times and gained excellent results all over, yet she is more of a sporty family girl with a sweet character, but does not really like the show business.

Serious inquiries welcome!

Pedigree of this litter at Pedigree Online

Spring/Summer 2024: Shakaar x Feli

Due to our schedule, we decided to move up our plans with Feli (Felicity Of Kahnawake). We switched our plans, so we will use our stud dog Shakaar (GerCh Inner Vision Carbon Monoxide) to sire Feli’s first litter.

Dt.Ch. Inner Vision Carbon Monoxide "Shakaar"
Dt.Ch. Inner Vision Carbon Monoxide “Shakaar” (©Alina Helfrich)
Felicity Of Kahnawake (Feli)
Felicity Of Kahnawake “Feli” (©2022 by Katharina Donges)

Shakaar already sired 5 litters, 3 in our kennel and 2 others, all in all he has 25 sons and daughters. All his offspring has a well-temperate joyful nature and good health. Since he can pull hard, he is one of our wheeldogs. He is an experienced show dog, friendly and spirited and a will of his own.

Feli is our sunshine, one of the 3 graces of litter G. She lives with our daughter’s family and she is her older son’s big love. Just like her mother Opra, Feli is a very friendly girl and loves to pull and play. In the showring she gained excellent results and some Best Juniors and small titles.

Pedigree of this planned litter at Pedigree Online

More to follow…

Summer/Fall 2024: N.N. x Opra

We are hoping for another litter out of our beautiful lady BISS MCh Inner Vision Wolfblood “Opra”. Since she has been quite successful in the show ring, we have some interesting ideas for her. We will be happy to talk about Opra’s last litter, so do not hesitate to contact us.

BISS MCh Inner Vision Wolfblood (Opra) (©2021 by Carolina Jurgutat)
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