Current Breeding Plans

If you are interested in our breeding and puppies, please contact us right away. Information about how we choose future families for our puppies can be found here.

Summer 2023: Chinook x Feli

March 25th, Chinook (Riverjunction’s Chinook Of Arctic Fire) was bred to Feli (Felicity Of Kahnawake). We hope for the puppies to be born by end of May. End of April, we will check Feli by ultrasonic scan.

Riverjunction's Chinook Of Arctic Fire (Chinook)
MCh MJCh Riverjunction’s Chinook Of Arctic Fire (Chinook)
Felicity Of Kahnawake (Feli)
Felicity Of Kahnawake (Feli)

Chinook is a lovely and active dog who already made a lot of achievements in the show ring. He is bred by Anja Becker (Riverjunction’s) and owned by Ilonka and Klaus Ruppert.

Feli is our daughter’s family dog and her older son’s big love. Just like her mother Opra, she is a very friendly girl and loves to pull and play.

In the showring she gained excellent results and some Best Juniors.

Pedigree of this planned litter at Pedigree Online

More to follow…

Summer 2023: Thor x Ezri

We are preparing an outcross mating, breeding Inyabu Marvel (Thor) to our girl Ezri (Zaltana Kissed By An Angel In Kahnawake). Since Opra and Ezri just started to go into season together, we have decided to change our schedule and breed Ezri now. With everything going well, we will have 2 litters in June 2023.

Inyabu Marvel (Thor)
Inyabu Marvel (Thor)
Zaltana Kissed By An Angel In Kahnawake (Ezri)
Zaltana Kissed By An Angel In Kahnawake (Ezri)

Thor is bred by Nives Medunjanin Božičević (Inyabu kennel) in Zagreb (Kroatia) and he comes from completely different lines than our dogs so far. His parents come down from the kennels Of The Midnight Sun (Janis Church Stadler) and Qudos (Linda Quarterman), old lines that have been carefully used by Christina und Gerd Kalmund (Taysa’s) here in Germany. Thor lives the life of an athlete together with his owner who is a half-marathon afficionada, and takes part in canicross races.

Ezri is our happy dog, always blissful, playful and lovely, and she already brought us zwo beautiful litters E and G (both sired by Shakaar / Inner Vision Carbon Monoxide).

We are looking forward to the genetic input this breeding will present us with.

Pedigree of the planned litter at Pedigree Online

More to follow…

Fall 2023: Conan x Ronja

We are planning on breeding Conan Of Kahnawake to Ronja (Emma Of Kahnawake) for summer 2023.

Conan Of Kahnawake
Conan Of Kahnawake, April 2021, ©2021 by Markus Enseroth
Emma Of Kahnawake, dam of planned litter
Emma Of Kahnawaake, called Ronja, April 2021, ©2021 by Carolina Jurgutat

Conan is a wonderful partner in crime for outdoor sports like hiking and bike-joring. In 2020 he gained his Junior Champion title in just 2 shows and went Club Junior Winner 2020.

Ronja lives with friends and is a trekking afficonado who already has hiked some of the most beautiful Northern trails in Lapland. She was shown only a few times and gained excellent results all over, yet she is more of a sporty family girl with a sweet character, but does not really like the show business.

⇒ Pedigree of th planned litter at Pedigree Online

More to follow…

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