Kahnawake Summer Powwow 2019

What a party!

Yesterday we celebrated our first Kahnawake Summer Powwow. Many of those who own puppies from our kennel, and some people who are interested in our kennel activities, came for a visit. We watches the huskies playing and tussling, enjoyed good food and good conversation.  Later that evening, when those who had to take a long ride home (like Sammy and Zelda and their family), we watched a thunderstorm with hard rain and hail from our sunroom.

It was too hot for a real walk altogether, but the dogs had lots of fun in the yard anyway. At first, Sisko made clear to the males that he is the boss, and he stopped Sammy and Koda from brawling in his own cool manner.

When Nukka arrived, all C’babies got quite excited – but Koda even more. He worked har, trying to convince her of his charm and even forgot about his beloved Opra.

Ezri finally laid down in the middle of the lawn, lost in thought, smiling. Not until Nukka’s master started to play the dog whisperer, she joined the pack, sitting around the man with the magic pockets.

In the evening dogs and People were all happy and tired. After the guests had left and the gang of four had gone to sleep in the house, Helmut and I sat down on the terrace, got comfy and enjoyed a glass of wine. This way, Helmut celebrated one of the loveliest birthdays in his life.

Kahnawake Summer Powwow 2019

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Sammy hätte gerne etwas vom Mittagessen.

More About Nukka…

Now that the C’babies have flown and Nukka has returned to her awesome family, it is time for a huge thankyou to Kirsten, Markus and Josie to offer us the opportunity to spend those wonderful months with Nukka and her pups! We are very happy to have found perfect families for those mischievous little ones, families who keep in touch with each other, with us and with the families of other pups of Kahnawake – what could be better?!

We added a photo gallery to Nukkas page on this site, so visitors can get to know better this great girl.

Let’s look forward to the Kahnawake Summer Powwow that will take place at Helmut’s birthday, at the third weekend of July – if all things go well with most of the Kahnawake puppers’ families and the studs’ owners as well. 

Happy Birthday!

A year ago, on Thursday, November 24th 2016, I spend hours together with my beloved Kira. The day before, she came into labor. we were sitting on the couch and I comforted her. I kept to the vet’s orders, saying, “Try to do nothing. Just keep calm and be there. She knows what to do.”

And that is exactly what happened. Between midnight and very early morning she gave birth to three gorgeous pups, litle lumps of sweetness of which Kira took care with great love.

Even though three pups make a small litter, we were really hapy. This way we were able to raise our first husky babies with great care and ease and enjoy the time with the little ones.

Antonius (Bubbles), Alban (Sammy) and Almudis (Nukka) enjoyed a happy and wild childhood and had a great in the snow, too. Daddy Doby (Wahttp://Almudisterfall Velnio Malunas) can be proud of those cute little bits of mischief. 

All three were adopted by loving sportive families, two didn’t even go far, and one lives in the Black Forest. Bubbles’ adventures, collected by his mommie, make up Bubbles’ Baby Blog (in German).

It was a wonderful time, raising those three little fellows, and we are hoping for a second litter in spring or early summer next year – news will be published in good time.


Day by day social media (at least in German speaking areas) are heavily buzzing with discussions like How to Work Out My Husky. People argue that Nordic dogs are very challenging, particularly huskies, and that you have to really really wear them out. Daily. Scenarios of maximum performance are propagated, consisting of hours of running and mushing on a daily basis, often adding other dog sports like agility, flyball, hiking etc. And they claim that whoever does not live up to a husky’s insatiable thirst for running and pulling, should never get one.

Well, apparently we are doing everything wrong that could possibly be done wrong. 😉

Next, the same people who urgently claim those workouts, proudly present photos of broken furniture, frazzled pillows, garbage spread all over the carpet and moonscape gardens, claiming huskies to be like that and if you cannot cope, go get yourself a plush toy!

Actually, yes, we did.

plush husky

But we also have two huskies, Sisko and Kira. And last winter we raised our first litter, three pups who found their furever families. None of them frazzles, scratches or crashes furnishings.

Well, apparently we are doing everything wrong that could possibly be done wrong. 😉

To be blunt, the term “workout” has become a kind of red rag to me. No human being can really work out a dog, particularly not a husky. Caninae do have an inexhaustible hardiness that sometimes can even get fatal for them. It is true that mental activities can be tiring, but a lot of thinking upsets as well.

From a dog’s point of view, humans are slow and easy to exhaust, they are boring. They don’t scuffle. They don’t dig. They don’t really care about odors (they usually scold and drag you away). They don’t go after squirrels, mice, roe or boar and they don’t want you to do that. In a word, they are quite stupid. But they control all ressources. They are in command. And they have petting hands. And sofas, too.

Ressources, that means food and water in the first place. But also the places to stay, dog beds and crates, dog lawns, gardens, woods, tracks and country lanes as well as sidewalks and streets. And activities. And – never ever to be underestimated! – snugness: sleeping, dozing, lounging, droning.

All animals spend a lot of time sleeping and dozing, particularly predators. Cats spend up to 20 hours lazing around, dogs between 14 to 18 hours. Overmotivated owners break their dogs of this natural need for rest by taking them to extended workouts. In the end the dogs are too excited to calm down, furnishings are shattered, owners are frustrated, sometimes they even brawl and bite. Many huskies are abandoned in shelters  simply because they are restless.

The second-important thing a pup has to learn in his or her furever home is the answer to the question “Where and when do I sleep?” He needs one or more spots to live out his natural need for rest. Without any disturbance – do not invite him to play nor offer food or treets. He is supposed to rest there. In quiet. Just like a human baby.

Kira and Sisko
Kira and Sisko resting

If that lesson was left undone, you have to make up leeway and “un-squirrel” the dog by allocating a resting spot to him, where he is supposed to stay for a while (so ou have to send him there, whenever he leaves). Starting with 10, 15 minutes, then more and more. That’s how his mom did it.

If the dog is crate-trained, the crate can easily serve as a kind of lair. And yes, you may lock up the crate from time to time (as if going for a ride in the car). You can use a carton for a small dog, a canvas crate or a kennel or cover a simple crate with blankets. Once again: This is a refuge for the dog (or maybe two) where they can lounge, sleep, dream and drone. And they need that to deal with all the impressions they got while walking, playing, sniffing, romping, digging, and eating.

That is a start to learn staying home alone. For then the dog sees the crate as a safe place, not as a dungeon. Because he relies on his two-legged can openers. But please do not lock him in for most of the day, and what is more on a daily base. If the crate turns into a dungeon, the calming effect goes down the drain!

The purpose of teaching a dog to calm down (which of course comes along with activities appropriate for the breed and the age of the dog) is the dog feeling safe and sure his humans will return, no doubt, and he will take advantage of their absence to live out his need for resting, dozing and lounging.

So, you can train a daily routine with the dog resting, while his can openers go hunting food, and being ready for sports, games and fun with the two-legged slowpokes and other dogs during human leisure time.

Sisko, Sari and Kira
Sisko, Sari and Kira

Experience tells me that this is the best way to protect your furniture and your nerves.

By the way, no musher takes all of his dogs to run a whole stage of the Yukon Quest every day! Just like no competetive athlete effects peak performances in every training.  😛 


The First Six Months

Bubbles’ two-legged mom did not forget to mention it (in German) – but we were kept busy by a family visit, so we did not announce the first half birthday of litter A of Kahnawake

All three babies have turned out very handsome and beautiful, so Kira may happily rest on her laurels – just like daddy Doby as well!

Antonius of Kahnawake aka Bubbles
Antonius of Kahnawake aka Bubbles

Alban of Kahnawake aka Sammy
Alban of Kahnawake aka Sammy

MBBISS Almudis of Kahnawake aka Nukka
MBBISS Almudis of Kahnawake aka Nukka
Sporty Bubbles (Antonius of Kahnawake) inherited the working line features from both sides. He is a lively boy, almost tireless, and will bring fitness and fun for his pretty active two-legged mom.

More pictures and stories of Bubbles can be found here using the tags Bubbles or Antonius of Kahnawake and in Bubbles’ Baby Blog.

Funny Sammy is very nicely resembling his daddy’s dad, Tiesto (Jo-Kar’s Black Magic Mountain) all in red, and gets his people moving.

More pictures and stories of Bubbles can be found here using the tags Sammy or Alban of Kahnawake.

Princess Nukka (Almudis of Kahnawake – Best Baby in Specialty Sjhow twice!) comes out as best of both worlds. She has the perfect structure, movement and head of her daddy Doby (Waterfall Velnio Malunas) and all the qualities of a lively outdoor dog from her mom Kira (Zausel’s Red Rose). She loves to be outside all the time – even at night!

More pictures and stories of Bubbles can be found here using the tags Nukka oder Almudis of Kahnawake.

Successful Debut at Specialty Show

winners foto 1
Nukka with Saturday’s ribbons

We had a very good time at this year’s Lahn-Dill-Schau, a specialty show for Nordic breeds and Akita. Debutante Almudis of Kahnawake (Nukka) won Baby class (3 – 6 months) on Saturday, April 29th, and became Best Baby in Specialty Show.

And the next day, she did it again! 

We are very proud of our little girl, even though her mom Kira (Zausel’s Red Rose) couldn’t stand up to her competitor in Open Class.

Mother and daughter
Mother Zausel’s Red Rose and daughter Almudis of Kahnawake
Ribbons parade
After work party
Back at our place playing and relaxing in the garden

Sammy Visiting

Yesterday, Sammy paid us a visit with his family, and we could see for ourselves that he turns out to be a handsome boy, funny and sweet as ever. Bubbles came along with his family, so Kira had the chance to enjoy her two sons playing together.

Later we took a nice walk in the beautiful valley of the Rosphe creek in the Burgwald area – and Sammy took a chance to bunk off with uncle Siko for a short while. But they returned quickly without doing any mischief. 😉

Most of the time, Sammy trotted side by side with Kira, showing he will be a sporting ace, when he has grown up. At the end of the walk both had a bath in one of the ponds along the track – apparently a perfect ending.

Sammy Visiting

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Boys are always out for messy places

Here comes Sammy!

Yesterday, I got a huge package of pictures of Sammy. Great pictures! He is turning out a really handsome boy and we are very proud of him!

Thank you for sharing these photos, dear Stegmann family! We wish you will continue to enjoy having this gorgeous fellow with you and hope to see you all soon!

Alban of Kahnawake aka Sammy (2/14/2017)

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© for all images by Fam. Stegmann

Alban of Kahnawake aka Sammy (3/13/2017)

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© for all images by Fam. Stegmann

Baby-sitting Bubbles

Bubbles’ mom loves to get exercise. Tough exercise. Since Bubbles himself is not that sporting yet, he comes for a visit now and then, so he is looked after and uncle Sisko can teach him some manners. At least that is Bubbles’ mom’s plan.

Bubbles is familiar with our garden for most of his life and loves to play here. And I love to take photos. So people xan see how handsome a boy he is becoming. 

Garden Activities

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Strolling around

By the way: Bubbles’ mom is writing for Bubbles Baby Blog (German).