Brendan of Kahnawake

Koda looking at youCall Name: Koda
Stud Book No.: VDH/DCNH SH 16443/18
Breeder: Iris Kammerer
Owner: Johanna Schmidt & Tobias Müller
DOB: 17.03.2017
Coat: jet black – white
Eyes: brown/blue
Hips: A1
Eye result: clear apart from ICAA (mildly affected)
COI: 0,00 %



Approved For Breeding

by breed judge Volker Schön (DE) on June 15th 2019 in Dietfurt (Germany).

Size according to protocol:

withers length chest bust
60 cm / 23.6 in 69 cm / 27.1 in 26 cm / 10.3 in 72 cm / 28.3 in
Conformation Assessment Report (translated by me):
Good-natured dog, reached the limit of height at withers.
Rectangular built, attentive expression, medium bone structure with good muscles.
Rectangular head, scissor bite, eyes brown and blue, slightly rounded, well set ears, curved neck, strong back, sickle-shaped tail. Front and hind well angulated, closed paws, swift movement, typical coat in black and white, strong pigment.
excellent character
reached the limit of height in withers, breeding partner should be of medium height.
Approved for breeding for lifetime, breeding partner must be cleared of ICAA.

Koda is open for stud to approved Siberian Husky females clear of ICAA according to rules and regulations of the FCI.


BISS MCh Balance Master Speigas (©Monique van Ree-Hagg)
JCh Zausel’s Red Rose (07/13/2017, ©Tanja Backes)



Brendan of Kahnawake
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Koda was the youngest in our litter B, being a son of the late Salai (Balance Master Speigas) out of our Kira (Zausel’s Red Rose). His distinguished features are his spirit and his strong pigment: he is jet black, a color that has become very rare in our breed.

Koda lives an active life in East Northrhine-Westfalia (NRW) in the area of Siegen together with Mato (Clemens of Kahnawake) from our litter C. He is an athletic dog who loves to run, confident, free of aggression, compliant with people and other dogs and very attentive.

Because of his strong color and pigment we urged his owners to have him approved for breeding. During the eye checks he was diagnosed as being mildly affected with ICAA which will not have any effect on his health and eyesight (according to the ECVO).

Koda (Brendan of Kahnawake)

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