Emma Of Kahnawake

Emma Of Kahnawake - "Ronja"Call name: Ronja
Breeder: Iris Kammerer (Of Kahnawake, DCNH/VDH/FCI)
Owner: Iris Kammerer (co-owned)
Stud book no.: VDH/DCNH SH 17111/20
DOB: 05/28/2020
Coat: black-white
Eyes: brown/brown
Hip score: A1 – FCI (08/01/2021, DMV Heinrich Camp, Kleve)
Eyes: clear – DOK/ECVO (08/02/2021 and 09/25/2023, by DMV Birgit Koerschgen, Staufenberg-Mainzlar)

Approved for breeding by breed judge Guido Schäfer (DE) on 08/07/2021 in Wetzlar.

Proportions According To Report (cm/inch) 

Withers Length Chest Bust
54 / 21.3 61 / 24 22 / 8.7

64 / 25.2


Conformation Report

Keen and friendly bitch, appearing tall, appealing overall appearance, very well groomed when presented.
Rectangular built, feminine expression, delicate bone structure, medium strong muscled. Expressive head, excellently structured, scissor bite, almond-shaped dark brown eyes, small ears, excellently carried. Neck of medium length, straight and strong back, very good croup, tail set medium high, carried as a sickle. Forequarters and hindquarters very well set and angulated. Closed oval paws. Swift movement, parallel in moving up and down. Black and white coat with correct texture and length, strong pigmentation.


Excellent character

Approved for breeding until the age of 8 years (05/28) – no limitations.


Sire Dam
Inner Vision Carbon Monoxide - "Shakaar"
Inner Vision Carbon Monoxide – “Shakaar”
MBISP Zaltana Kissed By An Angel In Kahnawake - "Ezri"
MBISP Zaltana Kissed By An Angel In Kahnawake – “Ezri”

Emma of Kahnawake
  Female Siberian Husky
Inner Vision Carbon Monoxide
Oct. 26, 2018
Siberian Husky (#VDH/DCNH SH 16997/19 (MR 50799 SH))
GerCh (VDH)
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Oct. 11, 2015
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Patmos De Ciukci
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Euphoria Of Cool Water
Dec. 3, 2009
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Inner Vision Valhalla
Oct. 15, 2015
Siberian Husky
Ozzy of Inner Vision
Oct. 6, 2012
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Snowmist's Ultimate Inner Vision
Apr. 25, 2011
Siberian Husky
Zaltana Kissed By An Angel In Kahnawake
Jan. 30, 2018
Siberian Husky (#PKR.V-26712 (VDH/DCNH SH 16887/19))
Snowmist's Bodacious
Jan. 24, 2014
Siberian Husky (#BA545950)
MBIS Am Can CZ Lit Pol Port Ch
Highlander's Diamonds Furever Exclusive
Mar. 22, 2011
Siberian Husky
Davik's Snowmist Sizzle
Dec. 24, 2011
Siberian Husky (#YY438966)
Davik's Silver Mist
Aug. 8, 2010
Siberian Husky
Coventry's Peace Negotiator
Dec. 26, 2002
Siberian Husky (#WS02480505)
Davik's Have a Nice Day
Feb. 26, 2008
Siberian Husky

Ronja is the last-born of our litter E, born end of May 2020. She was the darkest and the smallest pup and at the same time the most lively, almost a copy of her sire Shakaar with the gentle eyes of her dam Ezri.

Our little sly dog moved into the home of a couple that share a deep love for Swedish Lapland and grew into a bright and sporty Siberian Husky girl. Brought up consistently, she is focussed on her humans and obedient even off-leash.

On August 7th 2021, after the necessary health checks of eyes and hips, Ronja was approved for breeding – although she was very excited, she achieved excellent results. he next day she travelled to Sweden with her family where she matured very well during their two months hiking holiday.

At the 20th Lahn Dill Show, on the last weekend in September 2021, she entered the ring for the first time, still a little bit impetuous, yet confident and happy, and she gained excellent results, ranked 3rd on Saturday and 2nd on Sunday, including a R-JCAC for both, DCNH and VDH.

She was also shown on the second day of the CACIB Kassel in December 2021 (Exc.2 in Intermediate Class) and at the Lahn-Dill-Schau 2022 (04/23 and 04/24/2022) on both days with excellent results. Since she is not trained for shows, but a wonderful companion dog, I couldn’t ask for more.

Emma Of Kahnawake

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Gaiting ...

We are looking forward to showing her again very soon and we are very thankful that her family entrusts her to us.


20th Lahn Dill Show 2021, Day 1, Wetzlar-Dutenhofen, Sat 09/25/2021 Angelika Kammerscheid-Lammers (DE) Junior Class Exc3 Results
20th Lahn Dill Show 2021, Day 2, Wetzlar-Dutenhofen, Sun 09/26/2021 Jan Meijerinck (DE) Junior Class Exc2, R-CAC-J(VDH), R-CAC-J(DCNH) Results
International Dog Show Kassel 2021, Sun 12/05/2021 Regina Blessing (DE) Intermediate Class Exc2, R-CAC(VDH) Results
21th Lahn Dill Show, Wetzlar-Dutenhofen, Sat 04/23/2022 Gabriela Richard-Steinbach (DE) Intermediate Class Exc3 Results
21th Lahn Dill Show, Wetzlar-Dutenhofen, Sun 04/24/2022 Henning Schenk (DE) Intermediate Class Exc3 Results


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