Inner Vision Carbon Monoxide

Inner Vision Carbon Monoxide, 10 Monate alt

Call name: Shakaar
Studbook No.: VDH/DCNH SH 16997/19 (orig. MR 50799 SH)
Breeder: Stefan Mitrevski & Anastasia Zolotukhina, Inner Vision Siberians (FCI, MK)
Born: 10/26/2018
Coat: black-white
Eye color: brown/brown
Hips: A1 (11/23/2019, DMV Heinrich Camp, Kleve)
Eyes: clear (ECVO/DOK test 12/11/2019 by DMV Nina Müller, Pohlheim)
IZK: 0,00 % / AVK: 96,97 %


Approved for breeding

on 24th November 2019 in Oberhausen-Rheinhausen by breed judge Gabriela Richard.

Measurements (acc. to protocol, cm/inches)

withers length chest bust
58 cm / 22.8 in 64 cm / 25.2 in 24,5 cm / 10 in 65 cm / 25.6 in

Breed Judge Record:

Good natured male who gives a very pleasant overall impression.

Moderate structure, masculine expression, moderate bone structure with good muscling. Masculine head, scissor bite, correctly set dark brown eyes, ears very well set and carried, moderate neck length, moderately strong topline, tail correctly set and carried, forehand and hinds straight and parallel, paws well closed, swift movement with much impulse from behind, double coat typical for the breed with guard hair and wool in black and white, excellent pigment.

Conformation grade of character: excellent

Lifetime license for breeding, without restrictions


X Ni Ra D’Athos Patmos De Ciukci Bain’s Northern Formal Attire Bain’s Northern Share A Dream 
Tazoric’s Bewitched 
Beringia de Ciukci Innisfree’s Ice-T
Artic Blue’s Sienna Sunrise
Euphoria Of Cool Water Troubadour of Cool Water  Regular Power Of Cool Water 
Ucantell Of Artic Sun 
Veni Vidi Vici of Cool Water  UpAndGo Of Artic Sun 
Tonic Kiss of Artic Sun 
Inner Vision Valhalla Ozzy Inner Vision  Snowmist’s Quicksilver Speigas  Coventry’s Peace Negotiator
Davik’s Snowmist Ice Fox
Apache Sun Of Siberian Lady  Gentle Boy Of Siberian Lady 
Nice Nina Of Siberian Lady 
Snowmist’s Ultimate Inner Vision  Coventry’s Peace Negotiator Innisfree’s Chips Ahoy 
Coventry’s Lioness’ Pride 
Snowmist’s Legally Blonde Kimlan’s Millenium Moonbeam
Snowmist’s Halo 

This boy caught my attention, whe he was still a pup. When about six months later I found out that his breeder was looking for a show and breeding home for him, I applied for him. It was about time for us to get a sire of our own, and so he just came up in time.

Shakaar is a son of Int.Ch. X Ni Ra D’Athos out of Int.Ch. Inner Vision Valhalla. Among his ancestors are Kontoki’s The Ministrel, Innisfree’s Ice-T, Tonic Kiss of Arctic Sun, Ucantell of Arctic Sun, Snowmist’s Legally Blonde as well as Snowmist’s Quicksilver Speigas his sire Coventry’s Peace Negotiator and of course Innisfree’s Chios Ahoy. His pedigree combines several wonderful and famous American, Canadian and French lines and many of his ancestors worked in harness, too. He is a classic beauty, elegant, masculine and confident without being dominant and very sweet with people. I always hoped to find a boy like him for our kennel.

Our thanks go to Stefan and Anastasia for their trust in us!


Shakaar is open for stud to approved Siberian Husky females according to rules and regulations of the FCI.

Show Results

National Dog Show (NDS) Kassel, 12/07/2019 Grzegorz Weron (PL) Junior Class VG1 Results
International Dog Show (CACIB) Kassel 12/08/2019 Ursula Meyer (DE) Junior Class VG1 Results
2. LV West Schau, Hemer 01/29/2020 Wilma Roem (NL) Junior Class V1, J-CAC(VDH), J-CAC(DCNH) Results
2. Felsenmeer Cup, Hemer 03/01/2020 Claus-Peter Fricke (DE) Junior Class SG2 Results