Almundis of Kahnawake

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Nukka with Saturday’s ribbons

Call name: Nukka
Registration N°: VDH/DCNH SH 16150/16
Born: 11/24/2016
Coat: agouti
Eyes: amber/amber
2 x VPr in Baby Class, 2 x BBISS

Approved for breeding according to VDH/DCNH rules by breed judge Angelika Kammerscheid-Lammers (DE) in Sinn, Germany, on April 28th 2018.

Maße laut Protokoll:

height length chest height chest circumference
55 cm / 21.5″ 62.5 cm / 24.5″ 24.4 cm / 9.6″ 70cm / 27.5″

You can read the conformation report on the German version of this page.

Nukka was approved for breeding until her 8th birthday (11/2024) without any restrictions.

Nukka is a Kira‘s daughter from litter A, sired by MCh  Waterfall Velnio Malunas. She lives with friends of opurs in the area of Marburg, getting a lot of exercise side by side with a very motherly husky collie mixed breed. We arranged co-ownership with her family, so we can breed with her.

Nukka is quite a wonderful exemplar of the Siberian Husky, however she does not like the show business. Therefore, after some early winnnings (2 times BBISS) we decided to desist from showing her. She should rather have a happy life with her family. We all know what she could achieve.

Thanks to her family and breeder friend Simone Ebardt-Heidt, Nukka gave birth to our litter C on April 9th 2019, sired by JCh Zaltana Heart On Fire Of Savannah Town aka Finn.


Nukka's pedigree


Litter C (Sire: Zaltana Heart On Fire Of Savannah Town)

  • Coelestinus of Kahnawake called Yuko
  • Casilda of Kahnawake called Maya
  • Conan of Kahnawake called Conan
  • Clemens of Kahnawake called Mato
  • Clara of Kahnawake called Zelda
Almundis of Kahnawake
24.11.2016: am Tag der Geburt
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