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Fun in the snow
Fun in the snow

Siberian Huskies of Kahnawake is a small family-based kennel. We are breeding Siberian Huskies according to the breeding rules and regulations of the DCNH (Deutscher Club für Nordische Hunde / German Club for Nordic Dogs). Our kennel name of Kahnawake is registered and protected by the FCI.

We are attending workshops and trainings carried out by the VDH (Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen) as well by breeding clubs and regional associations associated with it.

Our dogs are looked after and taken care of by vets and vet spacialists. They are vaccinated and dewormed and protected against vermins on a regular base.

We engage in dog-scooting and bike-joring, according to our dogs’ breed, and keep them active in our own garden, a dog yard of several 100 square meters and in the surrounding area. Furthermore we are cooperating with well-respected dog trainers.

Our pups are born and raised in our home. From the time they are 3 – 4 weeks old, they are spending a lot of time with their mom outside in a puppy pen. They are dewormed several times, they get used to people of all age and the usual noises indoors and on the streets.

Pups do not leave our kennel before they are at least eight weeks old. At this point they have been examined twice in our vet clinic, chipped and got their first vaccination. In addition the pups and their mom, the rest of the pack and the kennel is checked by a breed ward of our club DCNH. After these checkups the pups may leace to their furever families with a blue EU pet passport and a pedigree of the FCI/VDH/DCNH.

Export to foreign countries will not succeed before 3 weeks after the pups got their rabies shot (and probably the titration test) according to the import rules of the country the pup is going to.

We make a point of getting to know the future owner of our pups in person. Thus, we can help them with words and deeds, for as long as the dogs live and more.

Siberian Huskies of Kahnawake