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Re-Opened For Visitors

Finally the pandemic seems effectively contained. Numbers are decreasing, while tests are still increasing. Therefore from now on we will again welcome visitors. We are very happy, particularly since one of us is about to get his second shot in the next days. Soon we will be able to enter […]

The C’Babies Have Grown Up

On Friday, the C’babies Yuko, Maya, Conan, Mato and Zelda turned two years old. Apparently, they all are grown-ups now. As far as that is possible. 😉 They all have matured very nicely, so we are very proud of them – and so are their furever families! Yuko (Coelestinus Of […]

3rd Birthday For The B’Babies

Three years ago our second litter was born, the B’babies: Tio, Boni, Leia, Bernie and Koda. Two month before that, I took a trip to the Netherlands during a disastrous winter storm, storm David (in Germany cyclone Friederike), to drive our Kira (JCH Zausel’s Red Rose) to Salai (BISS MCh […]