Our Dogs

Siberian Huskies of Kahnawake is a young kennel. Going through the preliminaries and fulfilling all necessary requirements took quite a while, and we don’t want to rush things. You have to broaden your skills and knowledge all the time by reading, attending workshops and talking to renowned breeders.

We decided to keep the number of dogs living with us small. We try to keep promising pups in co-ownership or convince their owners to get an approval for breeding.

Therefore the list of our dogs is divided into those living with us and those living with friends.

On our husky farm we keep


  • Sisko (Alaskan Husky, bred by Ines Müller-Millgram), the boss.

We cherish the memory of our first Siberian Husky girl Zausel’s Joy Division (DCNH/FCI), called Maggie, and awarded the title of Honorary Husky to our lion-hearted tomcat Jakob (domestic shorthair part wildcat).

Living with friends, some of them co-owned, are

We try to keep our pages up to date and hope to keep up a high level of transparency. Therefore any limitations in breeding are mentioned on each dog’s page as well as show results.


Siberian Huskies of Kahnawake