BISSP Zaltana Kissed By An Angel In Kahnawake

Zaltana Kissed By An Angel In Kahnawake

Zaltana Kissed By An Angel In Kahnawake

Call name: Ezri
Breeder: Mary Louise Franklyn & Grzegorz Boguta, Zaltana Siberians (FCI, PL)
Stud book nr.: VDH/DCNH SH 16887/19 (orig. PKR.V-26712)
DOB: 01/30/2018
Color: black/white, tanpoint domino
Eyes: brown/brown
Hips: A (02/22/2019, DMV Heinrich Camp, Kleve)
Eyes: clear (02/24/2022, by DMV Birgit Koerschgen, Staufenberg-Mainzlar)
Titles/achievements/CACs: BISP, BISP2, 3 BOB-P, 1 JCAC(VDH), 1 R-CAC(VDH), 2 CAC(VDH)

Approved for breeding by Spezialzuchtrichterin Ursula Meyer (DE) on 04/27/2019 at Wetzlar-Dutenhofen

Size (acc. to protocol, cm/inches):

withers length chest bust
53.5 cm / 21.1 in 65.5 cm / 25.8 in 22 cm / 8.7 in 65 cm / 25.6 in
Conformations assessment report (translation by me):
Pleasant-natured, friendly female, tall, with lean and well-defined stature.
Correctly built rectangular structure, feminine and typical expression, proper medium bone structure very well muscled. Feminine head with moderate stop, scissor bite (mandibular P1 right missing). Almond-shaped medium brown eyes, medium sized ears, set and carried excellently. Medium long, strong neck, straight and strong topline with a rather short and straight croup. Tail set high, carried as a sickle. Forehand straight, moderate angulations, chest still developping, hind quarters straight, very good angulations. Paws closed, of oval shape. Smooth movement of medium ground cover. Coat black and white, correct length and structure, excellent pigmentation.

Remarks: excellent character

Terms: Approved for breeding until the age of 8 years (02/26), no further requirements


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Mar. 29, 2000
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Jan. 5, 2004
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Kimlan's Millenium Moonbeam
Jun. 3, 2000
Siberian Husky
Snowmist's Halo
Jan. 30, 1999
Siberian Husky

Ezri entered our kennel on June 5th 2018 and she is raising hope for the future in us. Her sire, Snowmist’s Bodacious (Bo), is currently living in Europe, where he adds some chanmpionships and titles to his Canadian and US championships. Her dam, Daviks Silver Mist (Misty), is multi-champion, too, in Canada, where she also was working in harness, as well as in East Europe. Misty lives with Mary Louise Franklyn and Grzegorz Boguta in their kennel Zaltana in Poland.

Ezri is a cheerful husky girl with lively spirits and joie de vivre, lovely and always a bit of mischief. Build and movement are amazing. Summer 2018 we started presenting her in the ring. Since she entered Puppy class, she is quite dominating the ring. In the Club Jubilee Show, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the DCNH, Ezri not only won her class and so became Best of Breed Puppy, but ended up as Best In Specialty Show Puppy under breeder judge Henrik Soeborg (DK).

Ezri BISSP under judge Henrik Soeborg at the Club Jubilee Show, (c) Josefine Munke

The next day, during the 1st Kirchheim Cup, Ezri again won her class and so became Best of Breed Puppy, and ended up in 2nd place Best In Specialty Show Puppy under judge Christen Lang (NO)

We are really looking forward to showing her again in the big shows!

Thank you, Louise and Greg, for entrusting us with this wonderful girl! It is such a pleasure to watch her settling in an enjoying her time with new friends.


Litter E (05/28/2020): Shakaar x Ezri (2 males, 3 females)

  • Eskil Of Kahnawake called Malouk
  • Edith Of Kahnawake called Mika
  • Elisabeth Of Kahnawake called Leeloo  
  • Eustace Of Kahnawake called Loki † 
  • Emma Of Kahnawake called Ronya


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Show Results

Joint Exhibition of VDH Bavarian chapter in Munich, 06/23/2018 Niko Vazakas (GR) Baby Class VPr2 Results
CACIB Gießen, 08/04/2018 Gabriela Richard (DE) Puppy Class VPr1 Results
Jubilee Show “50 Years DCNH” in Kirchheim/Hessen, 09/15/2018 Henrik Søeborg (DK) Puppy Class VPr1, BISSP Results
1st Kirchheim Cup, 09/16/2018 Christen Lang (NO) Puppy Class VPr1, BISS2P Results
National Dog Show Karlsruhe 11/10/2018 Marie-Josee Melchior (LUX) Junior Class Exc3 Results
International Dog Show Karlsruhe 11/11/2018 Olga Dolejšová (CZ) Junior Class Exc3 Results
National Dog Show Kassel 12/08/2018 Gerda Kastl (GER) Junior Class VG3  
International Dog Show Kassel 12/09/2018 Klaus Strack (GER) Junior Class VG2  
18th Lahn-Dill Show Wetzlar-Dutenhofen 04/27/2019 Jochen Eberhardt (DE) Junior Class VG2  
DCNH Clubwinner Show Wetzlar-Dutenhofen 04-28-2019 Guido Schäfer (DE) Junior Class VG2  
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VDH Fall Winner Show Dortmund 10/13/2019 Lois Wilson (ZA) Intermediate Class VG4 Results
National Dog Show Kassel 12/07/2019 Grzegorz Weron (PL) Intermediate Class VG1  
International Dog Show Kassel 12/08/2019 Ursula Meyer (DE) Intermediate Class Exc3  
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DCNH Club Winner Show 2021, Oberhausen-Rheinhausen, 09/11/2021 Carmen Navarro (ES) Open Class Ex1/2, CAC(VDH)  
10th Saar Pfalz Show 2021, Oberhausen-Rheinhausen, 09/12/2021 Rafael Garcia Parrondo (ES) Open Class Ex1/2, CAC(VDH)  


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