BISS Inner Vision Wolfblood

Inner Vision Wolfblood
Inner Vision Wolfblood

Call name: Opra
Breeder: Stefan Mitrevski & Anastasia Zolotukhina, Inner Vision Kennel (FCI, MK)
Stud book no.: VDH/DCNH SH 16414/18 (orig. MR 50743 SH)
DOB: 2014/09/02
Coat: black-white
Eyes: blue/blue
Titles: Champion of Macedonia
4 x R-CACIB, 4 x CAC(VDH), 1 x CAC, 2 x R-CAC(VDH), 2 x R-CAC(DCNH), BOB (09/27/2020, 19th Lahn-Dill-Schau), BISS (09/27/2020, 19th Lahn-Dill-Schau – Hessensieger/Hessen Winner 2020 of VDH Hessen)

Approved for breeding on 04/28/2018 in Wetzlar-Dutenhofen by Angelika Kammerscheid-Lammers.

Measurements (acc. to protocol, cm/inches):

withers length chest bust
51.5 cm / 20.3 in 62.5 cm / 24.4 in 22.5 cm / 8.9 in 64 cm / 25.2 in
Conformations assessment report (translation by me):
Well-tempered and freely moving bitch, very good shape and stamina.
Rectangular build, expression feminine and typical. Moderate bone structure with very good muscling. Pleasing head with well-defined stop, scissor bite (P4 lower jaw right missing), blue eyes, ears excellently set and carried. Neck of very good length and slightly bowed. Back straight and strong with tail correctly set and carried. Forelegs straight and parallel. Hind legs strong, set correctly, correct angulations. Closed paws. Fleet-footed movement with good impulse. Typical coat in grey, excellent pigment.
excellent character
Approved for breeding until the age of 8 years (09/24), no further requirements


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On April 13th 2018 Inner Vision Wolfblood, called Opra, entered our kennel. She comes from the kennel Inner Vision, run by Stefan Mitrevski and Anastasia Zolothukina in Skopje, Macedonia. Opra is a beautiful, intelligent and rather small girl, full of spirits, with a desire to go and strong hinds. After a while she made her place in the pack being the kind heart who wants everybody, humans and dogs, to be happy.

Even before she lived with us, Opra successfully had entered the show ring (f.e. MK Ch, exc.3 Junior class fem. at the World Club Show and final cut Junior class fem. at the World Dog Show, both 2017 in Leipzig). Summer 2018 we started showing her in Germany with excellent results. In September 2020 she strutted her stuff at the 19. Lahn-Dill-Schau in Wetzlar-Dutenhofen and became Best Of Breed and finally Best In Specialty Show, being awarded the Titel Hessensieger (Hessen Winner).

Inner Vision Wolfblood
Inner Vision Wolfblood

Thank you, Stefan and Anastasia for entrusting us this beautiful, happy girl who matured into a lovely lady who enjoys both, sports and shows!


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Spring 2019, out of coat

Show Results

World Club Show Leipzig, 11/08/2017 Laurent Heinesche (LU) Junior Class Exc3 Results
World Dog Show Leipzig, 11/10/2017 Pierluigi Buratti (IT) Junior Class Exc (final cut) Results
Joint Exhibition of VDH Bavarian chapter in Munich, 06/23/2018 Niko Vazakas (GR) Open Class Exc3 Results
International Dog Show Ludwigshafen, 07/07/2018 Elmar Sistermann (DE) Open Class Exc3 Results
CACIB Gießen, 08/04/2018 Gabriela Richard (DE) Interm. Class Exc1, CAC(VDH) Results
Jubilee Show “50 Years DCNH” in Kirchheim/Hessen, 09/15/2018 Henrik Søeborg (DK) Open Class Exc3 Results
1st Kirchheim Cup, 09/16/2018 Christen Lang (NO) Open Class Exc2, R-CAC(VDH) Results
National Dog Show Karlsruhe 11/10/2018 Marie-Josee Melchior (LUX) Champion Class Exc2 Results
International Dog Show Karlsruhe 11/11/2018 Olga Dolejšová (CZ) Champion Class Exc3 Results
National Dog Show (NRA) Kassel, 12/08/2018 Gerda Kastl (DE) Champion Class Exc2 Results
International Dog Show (IRA) Kassel, 12/09/2018 Klaus Strack (DE) Champion Class Exc3 Results
18th Lahn-Dill Show (DCNH), Wetzlar-Dutenhofen, 04/27/2020 Jochen Eberhardt (DE) Open Class VG4 Results
Club Winner Show (DCNH), Wetzlar-Dutenhofen, 04/28/2020 Guido Schäfer (DE) Open Class VG3 Results
International Dog Show (IRA) Ludwigshafen, 08/10/2019 Gabriela Richard (DE) Open Class Exc2, R-CAC(VDH) Results
VDH Bundessiegerschau Dortmund (Federal Winner), 10/12/2019 Gopi Krishnan (MY) Open Class Exc4 Results
VDH Herbstsiegerschau Dortmund (Fall Winner), 10/13/2019 Lois Wilson (ZA) Open Class Exc1, R-CACIB, CAC(VDH), R-CAC(DCNH) Results
National Dog Show (NRA) Kassel,12/07/2020 Gregorz Weron (PL) Open Class Exc.1, CAC(VDH), R-CAC(DCNH), R-CAC Results
International Dog Show (IRA) Kassel, 12/08/2018 Ursula Meyer (DE) Open Class Exc.4 Results
Club Show 2020, Wetzlar-Dutenhofen (Club Winner) 09/26/2020 Regina Blessing (DE) Open Class, Exc.3/3 Results
19th Lahn-Dill-Show, Wetzlar-Dutenhofen (Hessen Winner), 09/27/2020 Lothar Mende DE) Open Class, Exc.1/2, CAC(VDH), CAC(DCNH), BOB, BISS, Hessen Winner 2020 Results