Famous Bernie! ;-)

A picture of Bernie (Bernardus of Kahnawake) is featured in the Clubnachrichten (Club News) of the DCNH. At the Jubilee Show in August he won Baby Class with the result ” promising” with his also very promising brother Koda (Brendan of Kahnawake) in second place. Josefine Munke (Toolik’s Alaskan Malamutes) took a nice picture of Bernie which made it into the report about the show, printed in the current issue of the CN.

We are very proud of our boys!

Thank you, Josefine, for the pic!


It is pretty warm, a wonderful summer day. In fact, there is nothing to boast about today. The dogs are relaxing and it is just fine to watch them.

Ezri and Berni have been romping around the place all morning, now they are looking for shadowy places, like the others. Kira takes care of her little boy and he is enjoying her loving attention very much.

Opra and Kira on the lawn
Opra and Kira on the lawn

Kira and Opra are becoming more acquainted, due to Opra’s constantly being close and friendly. These two are going to be a great team in all aspects.

Ezri enjoys the view from a distance
Ezri enjoys the view from a distance

Meanwhile Ezri has retreated into the house. Lying at the terrace door watching seems to be very relaxing.


Made My Day!

Happy puppy parents are people who happily share any news with the breeder, while the puppy grows up. Bubbles’ two-legged mom and dad have tricked the tooth-fairy and gave us one of his baby teeth. I can’t think of any better little present!

Thank you so much! 

Kira and Sisko

The little goblets and ribbons we achieved so far were scarcely noticed in the cabinet. But now, thanks to a friend in Switzerland, I have the perfect accessories: Kira and Sisko as glove puppets, made by hand with great love and attention to details.

Rita, you’re just amazing!

If anybody wants a cute little husky puppet like these two or even another animal, just call me, I will act as an agent. 😉

Nukka moving out

Yesterday the breeding warden of our club visited us to have a look at our kennel, our dogs and particularly the puppies for a litter check. She was really pleased with the healthy and lively pups and their mom. Our girl Kira is in good shape and loves to play with her kids.

In the afternoon I took some pictures, since Nukka left us after the litter check to live with her furever family. They already  have a huge crush on her. 

Litter A

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Nukka (Almudis) and Sisko peacefully looking out of the window

Boys’ Day

The litter check of our breeding club is coming up soon – and the good-byes to our babies, too. By now they are spending some time with their future families now and then. And so, with Nukka missing, it is Boys’ Day at Siberian Huskies of Kahnawake! And when it is Boys’ Day, of course Sisko will take part.

Boys Day

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Vaccination Done!

Today we went to the vet’s. She is happy with the pups, they are healthy and playful. Vaccination and implanting the microchips was no problem at all. Filling in the EU pet “passport” took much longer.

And after they took a little rest, we went outside again.

Litter A

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Almudis (Nukka) und Alban (Sammy)

Winter Pics

After recalibrating my camera, pictures have improved a lot – long live the instructions manual!

These are yesterday’s pictures, no difference to today. I fear the day, the precious little ones will move out…

Snow Fun

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