Kira und Bubs

17 Degrees of Separation

Liz Ricker and Togo
Elizabeth Ricker and Togo in Poland Springs 1927

Sometimes I am going through dog pedigrees just for fun, at first those that are available online, for example at Pawvillage or the World Pedigree Database at I am aware of the fact, that there are errors involved, but it gives me a raw impression, though.

Kira’s pedigree can be found there, too. Following the traits of her ancestors back in time, I end up with Leonard Seppala‘s legendary lead dog Togo after approximately 17 generations. Actually, it is no wonder, since all Siberian Huskies stem from a small pack of dogs with who Leonhard Seppala started the breed. But the fact, that it is no more than 17 – seventeen! – generations, that no more than 17 dogs are standing between my girl and one of the founding fathers of the breed, that as left a deep impression on me. 🙂

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Siberian Huskies of Kahnawake