Litter E

Inner Vision Carbon Monoxide x BISSP Zaltana Kissed By An Angel in Kahnawake

Pups’ Pedigree

Pedigree of pairing Shakaar x Ezri

This mating was very well thought out, because the pups are linebred. Shakaar’s mother as well as Ezri are linebreeding to Coventry’s Peace Negotiator (Carter). Valhalla of Inner Vision is linebred 3/2 (Carter, being the sire of Snowmist’s Quicksilver Speigas (Fizzy), is the sire’s great-grandfather and the dam’s grandfather), Ezri is linebred 4/2 (Carter, being the sire of Snowmist’s Quicksilver Speigas (Fizzy), is the sire’s great-grandfather and the dam’s father). Altogether Carter’s genome will possibly make up about 25 % of the pups’ genome, as if he was one of their grandfathers.

This is calculating only, because during meiosis, long before the mating, the whole genome of each parent will be jumbled. 😉

However, we are hoping for beautiful and healthy pups who will not only resemble some of Carter’s outstanding qualities, but also those of other lines represented in their pedigree, like Shakaar’s quite dominant ancestors of Cool Water.

Shakaar and Ezri resting

Shakaar and Ezri have mated on four consecutive days during her heat. Only a few days later, Ezri started showing signs of pregnancy, like settling down, resting in the lawn like a teenager dreming of big love. During the 4th week her belly strted growing and becoming taut.

During pregnancy everything ran smoothly and relaxed. Ezri did no longer fool about like a crazy chicken, spent a lot of time sleeping and dozing, with her fav place being an old and shabby garden bench.

At the end of the fifth week, she had a sonography, showing at least six pups. Their little hearts were beating and they looked like they were happily playing about in their amnions.

During the next weeks Ezri settled down even more. Yet she kept um her happy spirits and always showed a healthy appetite, vigorously claiming her food. The pups’ movements now could be palpated and after a while even seen.

At the end of the eightth week, she had an x-ray, again showing at least six pups, nicely grown little skeletons, but not too big. From now on we were waiting…

The Pups Are Born

May 26th labor started for Ezri, not very strong, so she claimed her evening walkies. She spent the following day resting, panting and pacing, but did not want to walk with the pack. There was always one of the other dogs looking after her. On May 27th early afternoon labor was increasing, and we spent a lot of time strolling over the lawn and the dog yard.

At night, Ezri was resting at her favorite spot, behind the front door, when suddenly she cried out. I instantly realized she was due – but we had to get upstairs first! We reached the whelping room right in time and within minutes Ezri gave birth to her first son, a prime time baby! Within 45 minutes two girls followed.

The she took a break for about an hour, before she gave birth to another boy and another girl. At 10:45 pm, after some afterpains, she was resting in the whelping box with five puppies, peacefully.

Since we expected one more pup, we were a little worried. On the x-ray 5 little skeletons were clearly distinguished, the sixth was assumed from an calcified structure looking like a skull with the assumed backbone hidden behind another pup. But after midnight, with Ezri peacefully dozing and nursing her babies, I came across the thought we might be wrong.

The next day, I asked the vets to once more look at the x-ray, and they drew the conclusion that “only” five puppies can be indentified clearly. This was already stated during the night by my dear friend Simone Ebarth-Heidt to whom I would like to give sincere thanks for her kind support during these three days! <3

Growing Up

The five babies are hale and hearty, squieking, drinking and sleeping, and Ezri is a caring mother, taking care for herself too, and we are very happy. A week after the pups were born, she picked up her walkies again and loves to play with the pack.

During the first four weeks the puppies grew up perfectly. Mommie Ezri nursed them very well, there was no need for additional feeding, until in the fourth week we started to give them some mashed baby food which they quickly accepted. After five weeks they started their kibble diet.

Sadly, on they day the pups turned 6 weeks, the younger boy, little Loki died from an accident. He is sadly missed.

Shakaar’s And Ezri’s Pups

Eskil of Kahnawake (Malouk)

VDH/DCNH SH 17108/20
Coat: black and white
Eyes: blue/brown

Edith of Kahnawake (Aiyana)

VDH/DCNH SH 17110/20
Coat: black and white
Eyes: brown/brown

Elisabeth of Kahnawake (Leeloo)

VDH/DCNH SH 17111/20
Coat: black and white
Eyes: brown/brown

Eustace of Kahnawake (Loki) †

VDH/DCNH SH 17109/20
Coat: black and white
Eyes: brown/brown

Emma of Kahnawake (Ronja)

VDH/DCNH SH 17112/20
Coat: black and white 
Eyes: brown/brown

Litter E

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