Walking Bubbles

Today, I paid a visit to Bubbles (aka Antonius of Kahnawake), our very first born pup. First he got in a fever of excitement, because he was so happy, then he took a long nap – his mommy and I seized the opportunity to enjoy her spotted dick (no insinuating, please! It’s a British dessert! 😆 ) and gallons of coffee and chatting along. Afterwards we took Bubbles and his canine foster mom Kima for a walk along the river Lahn.

Unfortunately the lighting conditions had been getting worse, hence the image noise… I still have to learn a lot about my camera. 😐 Nontheless, I am glad to see he es growing up nicely.

Walkies with Bubbles

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Kira and Sisko

The little goblets and ribbons we achieved so far were scarcely noticed in the cabinet. But now, thanks to a friend in Switzerland, I have the perfect accessories: Kira and Sisko as glove puppets, made by hand with great love and attention to details.

Rita, you’re just amazing!

If anybody wants a cute little husky puppet like these two or even another animal, just call me, I will act as an agent. 😉