Nukka moving out

Yesterday the breeding warden of our club visited us to have a look at our kennel, our dogs and particularly the puppies for a litter check. She was really pleased with the healthy and lively pups and their mom. Our girl Kira is in good shape and loves to play with her kids.

In the afternoon I took some pictures, since Nukka left us after the litter check to live with her furever family. They already  have a huge crush on her. 

Litter A

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Nukka (Almudis) and Sisko peacefully looking out of the window

Boys’ Day

The litter check of our breeding club is coming up soon – and the good-byes to our babies, too. By now they are spending some time with their future families now and then. And so, with Nukka missing, it is Boys’ Day at Siberian Huskies of Kahnawake! And when it is Boys’ Day, of course Sisko will take part.

Boys Day

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Vaccination Done!

Today we went to the vet’s. She is happy with the pups, they are healthy and playful. Vaccination and implanting the microchips was no problem at all. Filling in the EU pet “passport” took much longer.

And after they took a little rest, we went outside again.

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Almudis (Nukka) und Alban (Sammy)

It is Winter – finally!

This morning a thin layer of snow is covering the valley, even our garden! The whole family got the chance to play outside and hat lots of fun – now the little ones are lying in their pen, sleeping happily like angels. I for one hope thaw will not wash away the snow too soon.

Outside snowflakes are falling and falling from thick clouds…

Snow Fun

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Mommie and Alban

Due to the weather the light was not too good and the camera options were not correct. :-/

Garden Time Again

With the weather being nice (pretty cool and dry) the pups spend a lot of time outside. Most of the time they have to stay in the pen, but when someone looks after them, they may even explore the garden. And Kira is enjoying herself with Sisko who turns out the “nice uncle” we expected him to be (as he was with Kira, while she was a pup).

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Alban of Kahnawake (male 2)