New Pics of Litter A

We shot new pics of litter A.

Rüde 1 rot-weiß
male 1 red/white

Rüde 2 kupfer-weiß
male 2 copper/white

Hündin agouti-weiß
female agouti/white

Since Kira has started leaving the box for some minutes now and then, to eat and drink, to poo and to see what’s going on in and around the garden, the babys are crawling around on their own. As soon as they get noisy, mommie gets back to them.

Just for one time today she went off just for herself: she insisted on coming along, when I walked Sisko – just to push us to turn back on the next occasion. Anyway – she wanted to go for a walk the first time since she has babies. And when we returned, the little angles were fast asleep. 🙂

Pics from the Whelping Pen

Litter A

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Taking a nap

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