Tio – A Stud Bred By Us

Tio (Benedictus of Kahnawake), firstborn boy from the litter, sired by Salai (Balance Master Speigas) our of Kira (Zausel’s Red Rose), is approved for breeding under the rules and regulations of the German Club for Nordic Dogs (DCNH). After being cleared of hereditary eye diseases and goniodysplasia (all cleared, 03/13/2020) as well as hip dysplasia (scored A1/excellent, 06/13/2020), he was evaluated by breed judge Noel Baaser in Bad Birnau on 08/01/202) as an allover excellent specimen of the breed.

Now that the news is on record in the studbook database, we are ready to rock’n’roll! Tio is an athlete, fit as a fiddle and very friendly boy, the spitting image of his sire Salai. We just can’t wait to add his features to our breeding program!

More about Tio


Kira’s now a grown-up!

Kira (Zausel’s Red Rose), our beloved mad chicken, has turned 6 yesterday. It’s unbelievable, since time has flown so fast. Lately she was a happy puppy, stomping through snow – now a mother of 3 litters, 12 pups, and she rejoices in meeting any of them, when they pay a visit.

Dear Kira, stay as you are, stay healthy, stay with us for many more years!


A Dark Day

When I entered the puppy room last thursday morning, the little ones and Ezri, who had come in with me, were wildly running around, while one pup was lying right behind the fence. Instantly I realized the pup was dead. His neck and chest were wet and smeared with some blood, he had lost all warmth, his jaws stiff, but his body limp. It was Loki, the younger of the two males. Completely upset, I found myself sitting on the edge of the terrace, the dead boy in my arms, mommie Ezri on my left, traing to wake him up by licking him like a newborn, daddy Shakaar on my right, gently nudging him. It was raining and I was crying.

There was no hint to cramps or pain. He had been lying there, as if death had struck him out of a sudden. Examining the little corpse, I found nothing but a little wound behind his left ear and some blood in that ear. Apparently he had somehow broken his neck. 

Yet, I still cannot explain how it happened. And without any idea to explain, we faced hard feelings of remorse and failure.

And still we had to explain Loki’s death to his future owner, a young women who had already visited us and him several times and who was happily looking forward to living with this funny little boy…

During the last days we and the young women were embraced by our little community with love and understanding, and this time it was us to experience the bliss of friendship. With all our hearts we say thank you to our dear friends who took care for and supported not only us and poor Ezri, but also Loki’s future owner. You are all fantastic!

Loki has his place in the orchard, near the place of his stillborn half-brother of litter D, whose amnion broke prematurely in birth.

Now we have four little angels looking after us.

A Quick Glimpse…

… into the whelping box shows our little fatties of letter E growing nicely. Even though they use to turn their backs on visitors. πŸ˜€

Today, the E-babies are one week “old”. The day on which they will open their eyes and ears, the day that will change everything in this room, is getting closer. We just can’t wait! πŸ™‚

Litter E Pregnancy Confirmed

Since yesterday it is for sure that at least six little pups have nested in Ezri’s tummy. They seem to grow nicely – as far as we can find out by echo: their tiny hearts are beating and they are happtly dancing in their amnions.

Mating Shakaar and Ezri was very well thought out, because the pups are linebred. Shakaar’s mother as well as Ezri are linebreeding to Coventry’s Peace Negotiator (Carter). Valhalla of Inner Vision is linebred 3/2 (Carter, being the sire of Snowmist’s Quicksilver Speigas (Fizzy), is the sire’s great-grandfather and the dam’s grandfather), Ezri is linebred 4/2 (Carter, being the sire of Snowmist’s Quicksilver Speigas (Fizzy), is the sire’s great-grandfather and the dam’s father). Altogether Carter’s genome will possibly make up about 25 % of the pups’ genome, as if he was one of their grandfathers.

This is calculating only, because during meiosis, long before the mating, the whole genome of each parent will be jumbled. πŸ˜‰

However, we are hoping for beautiful and healthy pups who will not only resemble some of Carter’s outstanding qualities, but also those of other lines represented in their pedigree, like Shakaar’s quite dominant ancestors of Cool Water.

Pedigree of Litter E

Pedigree of pairing Shakaar x Ezri

Updated And Expanded

Corona and all the restrictions give us lots of time to spend on working in house, garden and the whole farm – and on the homepage.

Tons of flaws are removed now (I hope), new pages added and the English version is expanded, there’s a new tab named Good To Know in the main navigation now. And if I added new flaws or awkward phrasings, please tell me! Then I will kill the weed. πŸ˜‰

Meanwhile we return to umpatiently waiting for Ezri’s ultrasound date at the vets’…

In Face of the Pandemic…

… life is going on. For more than a fortnight all over the world people in power have taken actions and ordered rules of conduct to flatten the curve of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Public life is becoming quiet, economy ist suffering with substantial extend. Out here on the countryside the situations sems quite relaxed. Chatting “over the fence” has become popular again. Acts of solidarity with the most vulnerable to the virus are growing everywhere, although nobody knows how much longer we will have to deal with this situation that is even more nerve-stretching in bigger towns and cities than out here.

We are deeply impressed how people comfort each other and not just cry wolf, but encourage and cheer each other. As if an invisible enemy has made us realize, Β»We are all sitting in the same boat.Β«

And what ever outcome we will have to face – globally, in Europe, in Germany, in our area, in our neighborhoods and families – life will just be going on. We will not perish, but finally – like so many times in history – roll up our sleeves, mop the place and start from scratch. But to do that, we need hope and confidence.

Or should I say hope, faith and love?

We decided to cradle confidence in our hearts and not simply curl up in our home and wait in fear and wariness. With all things going well, we will have puppies from Shakaar out of Ezri by end of May or beginning of June. Both dogs are merry fellows, healthy and come from best lineages. There are people out there waiting for one of our puppies, some especially for one out of this mating.  They will not be ready for their furever families before beginning of August.

If you are interested, contact us as soon as possible!

Please Welcome The D’babies!

Last Wednesday, February 5th, time had come for Kira (Zausel’s Red Rose) to give birth to her babies. She had spent the night night before restlessly and wanted to stay in the welping box. In the afternoon, after going through hard labor, the first puppy was born, a mostly black boy with a black mask, weighing ~600 g. He was instantly looking for the milk bar. About half an hour later Kira quite easily gave birth a little grey-white puppy girl of only 490 g, but as hungry and determined as her brother.

After that poor Kira was again suffering from hard labor that seemed not to end. She had already lost some amniotic fluid, and when finally the third baby was born, he was dead. Kira was exhausted and was unable to calm down. At least she was so upset that she did not take much notice of the little black angel. So she did not look for him, but was lying side by side with her first two babies, taking care of them as best as she could.

After 3 hours the fourth puppy was born, another black boy of 580 g that instantly screamed for food. Now finally Kira found some rest. We knew there was another puppy in her belly waiting to work its way out, but we wanted her to recover from that trial. And so she rested, taking care of her babies and taking a nap in between. 

At almost 2 am the last black boy smoothly found his way out, the biggest one (about 620 g). Meanwhile Kira was feeling much better, no more panting and burrowing.

The next morning all four pups were moving around and getting nursed and their mom looked quite happy.

Of course we are sad that the perfect little boy (~500 g) di not make it, but deeply grateful about Kira and her D’babies doing fine.


Final Spurt For The D’babies!

SInce we didn’t ge a clear result about the number of pups by sonography on January 6th and Kira is growing quite big (27 kg / 60 lbs), we had an x-ray done in our veterinary clinic today. There are 5 pups bouncing about in her belly, one has already taken the pole position head first. πŸ˜€

Suspense is nearly killing us and we are looking forward to welcome the little huskies in our family and pack. Yet Kira is not in a good mood, because she cannot work out and we actually do not let her jump into or out of the car. She must not do that at the moment, the risk of hurting her or the pups is too high. One boring week is still lying ahead, and we are going to spoil her rotten, so it is not too annoying for her. We know that she will be over the moon, as soon as she has her babies around.

At this point we would like to say big thank you to our verterinary clinic in Heskem-MΓΆlln for their attentive and affectionate care they give to all our dogs, particularly to the moms-to-be. We can highly recommend this vet clinic!