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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

We the team and family of Siberian Huskies of Kahnawake are sending our best wishes for next year to all our friends, fellow breeders and partners – live long and prosper! 😉 Just for fun presenting some new pictures of the little rascals – and of course the big ones as well: […]

Christmas Addendum

During the holidays we eventually let the puppies play in the living room. The carpet keeps them from slipping all the time. Now “uncle” Sisko is allowed to play with them, too. But after tussling and discovering the room for about 20 minutes, the little ones get so tired they […]

Everyone has found a family

Since yesterday every puppy has his or her family – and we have made new friends. The little girl and the firstborn boy will stay quite close and even the second will not go too far away. So we will all keep in touch and can be of help for the new […]