See You Soon, E’babies

Last Saturday, August 1st, all four E’babies left us. It was a bit of a turmoil, some unpredictable incidents were dragging on until the next day. But in the end all four happily settled with their families.

Yet on Saturday,  we spent a lot of time in the big dog yard. In the shadow of the surrounding trees the little rascals had a very good time running and playing. And I had the opportunity to shoot tons of pictures at eye level. Memories we are very thankful to enjoy.

In The Dog Yard On Their Last Day Here

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Neko (Edith) and Ronja (Emma)

Bye-bye, Malouk, Neko, Leeloo and Ronja! Have a wonderful life with your furever families!

And a huge thank you gies to the Kahnawake tribe for your great sense of community and your team spirit! You all helped to solve an unexpected problem and always help husky newbies with words and deeds. You are amazing!

A Quick Glimpse…

… into the whelping box shows our little fatties of letter E growing nicely. Even though they use to turn their backs on visitors. ๐Ÿ˜€

Today, the E-babies are one week “old”. The day on which they will open their eyes and ears, the day that will change everything in this room, is getting closer. We just can’t wait! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ezri’s Pups

Here they are, the E’babies – as seen in an x-ray. Today we had her x-rayed: there are 6 puppies growing in Ezri’s belly, just like the sono showed 3 weeks ago. The babies are not too big and seem to have grown nicely. They are due sometime next week and we are hoping for a smooth delivery.

Ezri herselv seems calm and relaxed – quite surprising, considering her fresh and vivid spirit. Yet, she is like smiling all the time, eats and drinks as usually and loves her walkies and runs in the garden and the yard. So we do not worry.

Her pregnancy is entering the final lap, she will get even bigger, be spending time lounging and lazing and being pampered a lot. And we are looking forward for the l’il “guinea pigs”…

Her time will be coming soon. And, hopefully, we are well prepared.

Litter E Pregnancy Confirmed

Since yesterday it is for sure that at least six little pups have nested in Ezri’s tummy. They seem to grow nicely – as far as we can find out by echo: their tiny hearts are beating and they are happtly dancing in their amnions.

Mating Shakaar and Ezri was very well thought out, because the pups are linebred. Shakaar’s mother as well as Ezri are linebreeding to Coventry’s Peace Negotiator (Carter). Valhalla of Inner Vision is linebred 3/2 (Carter, being the sire of Snowmist’s Quicksilver Speigas (Fizzy), is the sire’s great-grandfather and the dam’s grandfather), Ezri is linebred 4/2 (Carter, being the sire of Snowmist’s Quicksilver Speigas (Fizzy), is the sire’s great-grandfather and the dam’s father). Altogether Carter’s genome will possibly make up about 25 % of the pups’ genome, as if he was one of their grandfathers.

This is calculating only, because during meiosis, long before the mating, the whole genome of each parent will be jumbled. ๐Ÿ˜‰

However, we are hoping for beautiful and healthy pups who will not only resemble some of Carter’s outstanding qualities, but also those of other lines represented in their pedigree, like Shakaar’s quite dominant ancestors of Cool Water.

Pedigree of Litter E

Pedigree of pairing Shakaar x Ezri

In Face of the Pandemic…

… life is going on. For more than a fortnight all over the world people in power have taken actions and ordered rules of conduct to flatten the curve of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Public life is becoming quiet, economy ist suffering with substantial extend. Out here on the countryside the situations sems quite relaxed. Chatting “over the fence” has become popular again. Acts of solidarity with the most vulnerable to the virus are growing everywhere, although nobody knows how much longer we will have to deal with this situation that is even more nerve-stretching in bigger towns and cities than out here.

We are deeply impressed how people comfort each other and not just cry wolf, but encourage and cheer each other. As if an invisible enemy has made us realize, ยปWe are all sitting in the same boat.ยซ

And what ever outcome we will have to face – globally, in Europe, in Germany, in our area, in our neighborhoods and families – life will just be going on. We will not perish, but finally – like so many times in history – roll up our sleeves, mop the place and start from scratch. But to do that, we need hope and confidence.

Or should I say hope, faith and love?

We decided to cradle confidence in our hearts and not simply curl up in our home and wait in fear and wariness. With all things going well, we will have puppies from Shakaar out of Ezri by end of May or beginning of June. Both dogs are merry fellows, healthy and come from best lineages. There are people out there waiting for one of our puppies, some especially for one out of this mating.  They will not be ready for their furever families before beginning of August.

If you are interested, contact us as soon as possible!

Puppy Galore!

Well, now that we all are staying in our houses and gardens and leave home only for urgent shopping (like searching for toilet paper), it is quite annoying to face curfews the next days due to too many people acting without reason and responsibility. 

So we try to cheer up all people being worried about their own health and the health of family and friends and about their existence. Maybe tons of pictures of puppies playing brightes your days a little bit.

Just for the record: They are all being awaited by their furever families!


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Full up!

The happy foursome took a long nap after their first lunch, consisting of watered puppy food. They had instantly launched into the bowl and emptied it quickly.

Finally mommie Kira came to clean up the mess. Apparently everyone enjoyed the meal.

Another step ahead growing up. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy D’Babies

Now that the sweet little foursome is with us for more than a week, growing nicely, we cherish this boon to see them all chubby and neat and their mom feeling well. So well that she is demanding her midday walkies, enjoying some time with the pack.

D'Babies on 02/14/2020

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Napping in the box

(It’s not still the same cover as lately, but again the same – it would be wrong to assume we were not changing, in fact, we change at least daily. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Please Welcome The D’babies!

Last Wednesday, February 5th, time had come for Kira (Zausel’s Red Rose) to give birth to her babies. She had spent the night night before restlessly and wanted to stay in the welping box. In the afternoon, after going through hard labor, the first puppy was born, a mostly black boy with a black mask, weighing ~600 g. He was instantly looking for the milk bar. About half an hour later Kira quite easily gave birth a little grey-white puppy girl of only 490 g, but as hungry and determined as her brother.

After that poor Kira was again suffering from hard labor that seemed not to end. She had already lost some amniotic fluid, and when finally the third baby was born, he was dead. Kira was exhausted and was unable to calm down. At least she was so upset that she did not take much notice of the little black angel. So she did not look for him, but was lying side by side with her first two babies, taking care of them as best as she could.

After 3 hours the fourth puppy was born, another black boy of 580 g that instantly screamed for food. Now finally Kira found some rest. We knew there was another puppy in her belly waiting to work its way out, but we wanted her to recover from that trial. And so she rested, taking care of her babies and taking a nap in between. 

At almost 2 am the last black boy smoothly found his way out, the biggest one (about 620 g). Meanwhile Kira was feeling much better, no more panting and burrowing.

The next morning all four pups were moving around and getting nursed and their mom looked quite happy.

Of course we are sad that the perfect little boy (~500 g) di not make it, but deeply grateful about Kira and her D’babies doing fine.