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3rd Birthday For The B’Babies

Three years ago our second litter was born, the B’babies: Tio, Boni, Leia, Bernie and Koda. Two month before that, I took a trip to the Netherlands during a disastrous winter storm, storm David (in Germany cyclone Friederike), to drive our Kira (JCH Zausel’s Red Rose) to Salai (BISS MCh […]

Puppy Blues

Talvi and Phoebe are off with their furever families, while Feli already left us Wednesday night. No more squabbling coming from the puppy pen. The house has become quiet. The first night after puppies leave, is always a sad time. At the end of the day, after having seen many […]

Last Days With Mommie

While Feli is already keeping her new family busy, Talvi and “Fränzchen” (who will be called Phoebe) are enjoying this early spring morning with mommie Opra. On the weekend, these two little monkeys will be taken home by their furever families. Then routines will be back to normal on the […]