Weekend Show Tour

A straining and exciting weekend: 1,300 km (appr. 810 m) to drive, summer heat on Saturday and continous rain on Sunday, a family reunion and a lot of support from friends, no place on the rostrum but excellent results for Kira (Zausel’s Red Rose) and her first daughter Nukka (Almudis of Kahnawake).

At the Saar-Pfalz-Schau (Specialty Show DCNH, Saturday, June 24th, 2017) Nukka got “Very Promising” from breeding judge Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel (DE) and was placed second in Puppy Class (VP2 /2). Kira got “Excellent” and was placed second in Open Class (Exc 2 /2). Since I am a rookie in breeding, I was only out for excellen results for both girls, thus I am happy with what they achieved.

Besides we had a happy family reunion that day. Sammy (Alban of Kahnawake) came to the show with his family to support his mom and sister, just like Bubbles (Antonius of Kahnawake) did from afar!

From the Rhine valley we went across the country to Munich to enter a joint dog show of the VDH Bavaria on the Harness Racing Track in Daglfing (Sunday, June 25th, 2017). Breeding judge Maria Grazia Miglietta (IT) rated Nukka “Very Promising” in Puppy Class and Kira “Excellent”, she was placed 3rd in a strong competition. Both girls reached the targets I had set – rookie me happy again!

I am sorry, there are no pictures on the show! On Saturday I forgot to tell someone, on Sunday it was all raining. Hence, I have only some snapshots to show.


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After Grooming

Sincere thanks are given to Nukka’s family for entrusting their baby to me over the weekend, Angela Tagliaferri (Lagotto Romagnolo Accompagniatore) for perfectly grooming the girls, Simone Ebardt-Heidt (Siberian Huskies of Savannah Town) for sheltering us from the heat and the rain, to Sammy’s family for paying a visit at the show, and to Bubbles’ family for feeping fingers crossed.

17 Degrees of Separation

Liz Ricker and Togo
Elizabeth Ricker and Togo in Poland Springs 1927

Sometimes I am going through dog pedigrees just for fun, at first those that are available online, for example at Pawvillage or the World Pedigree Database at ingrus.net. I am aware of the fact, that there are errors involved, but it gives me a raw impression, though.

Kira’s pedigree can be found there, too. Following the traits of her ancestors back in time, I end up with Leonard Seppala‘s legendary lead dog Togo after approximately 17 generations. Actually, it is no wonder, since all Siberian Huskies stem from a small pack of dogs with who Leonhard Seppala started the breed. But the fact, that it is no more than 17 – seventeen! – generations, that no more than 17 dogs are standing between my girl and one of the founding fathers of the breed, that as left a deep impression on me. 🙂