Litter F Is Born

Yesterday our F litter, an all-girl team, was born.

On Tuesday, Opra had a hard time with an almost sleepless night due to labor. Then, in the morning, exactly two month after being bred, she gave birth to three little girls.

The first one did not really want to leave the warm place in mommie’s tummy. But with a little help she finally slipped into the light, feet first.

The second one almost dropped out, when Opra was about to take a little walk around the room. This one needed some support to rid the liquor out of her respiratory system. After a gentle massage and some coughing she continued breathing herself, and when we laid her down at her mommie’s side, she instantly started drinking colostrum.

The third one gave Opra some trouble. She was born in an unharmed amnion, vigorously floundering. Like her big sister she had no problem taking breath. 

Of course we didn’t want the firstborn to drink up all the vitally important colostrum. So while Opra nursed her younger daughters, the firstborn got a cozy place in a human lap and a warm blanket for a while, and she enjoyed it sleeping.

At night we noticed with relieve that none of the cute little threesome had lost any weight. This morning we were pleased to find out that the babies all had gained enough weight.

Pedigree of Litter FPedigree Litter F

Please Not: No Puppie out of this Litter Is Available!

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