The C’babies Are Coming!

Now we can tell the world: our foundation bitch Kira is going to be a granny! Her daughter Nukka (Almundis of Kahnawake) will be having puppies, sired by Finn (Zaltana Heart On Fire of Savannah Town).

Finn (Zaltana Heart On Fire of Savannah Town, (c)M. Ebardt)

Nukka (c)Markus Balzer
Nukka (c)Markus Balzer

Finn was bred by Louise Franklyn (Zaltana kennel) and lives with Simone Ebardt-Heidt and Michael Ebardt (kennel of Savannah Town).

Many thanks to Simone and Michael to make this pairing possible. We cannot wait to see this litter being born.

New Home, New Plans

We moved house. During the last three months we ran through all the procedures (and problems) you can think of. And finally we now are lucky enough that the local mayor lobbied for really fast internet connections in our community. Good things want to have it – now we are hoping for better mobile access soon. 

Nukka (c)Markus Balzer
Nukka (c)Markus Balzer

But no more complaints! We and our huskies are living happily on a timberwork homestead with a nice parcel of land. And there is a lot of open range around us. The kennel has been approved again, and now we are hoping for pups from Finn (JCh Zaltana Heart On Fire of Savannah Town) out of Nukka (MBISB Almundis of Kahnawake). Nukka is co-owned by us and we are very happy that her family with whom she is living near our old home Marburg, and Finn’s owner Simone Ebardt-Heidt made this pairing possible for our litter C. Soon we will know if this plan will become real. 🙂

In April, Ezri will be checked for approval. All health test results are very promising, and she is maturing nicely, so that with the good Lord willing, it cannot go wrong.

Best of all – people are awsome around here. We quickly found friends among neighbors, young people helping with the dogs, and they call us by the name of the estate, Etjes, which really is an honor! 🙂

Expecting …

Kira (Zausel's Red Rose)
Kira (Zausel’s Red Rose)

After visiting the vet, we know for sure we will have a litter B: at least five little whirlwinds are bustling about in Kira’s womb! As lively as they are, there is no doubt, they are fit as a fiddle.

Kira has her own page on this website with lots of pictures and information (and even more in the blog, tag Kira).

The sire, Salai (Balance Master Speigas) was bred by Laura Baryte (Speigas Kennel, LIT) and is loved and  owned by Monique van Ree-Hagg (NL). his sire Fizzy (Snowmist’s Quicksilver Speigas) is quite famous and just like the dam, Enya (Snowmist’s Rich Image) he was bred by Kim Ramey-LeBlanc (Snowmist Kennel, CAN).

Thank you, Monique, for making this litter possible!

Salai (Balance Master Speigas)
Salai (Balance Master Speigas)

The pedigree of the pups can be downloaded here for further inquiry:

Pedigree litter-B
Pedigree litter-B

With everything going smoothly the little ones will be born after March 16. Until then, the expectant mother will be spoiled with everything she loves – particularly nice walks.


Going global …

20161031_kiralahnSince we now have tons of contacts all around the world, it seemed reasonable to translate this website into an halfway-decent English. Well, I hope it is not too awkward – anyway, if you, dear reader, spot mistakes or painful phrases, please tell me! I am not a native English speaker, so I need to be corrected.

It feels just great to gain more fans and friends all over the world.

And here is our girl, growing “fat like an otter”, as a friend put it nicely, on our yesterday’s walk along the river Lahn in town, while the tires were changed. Less than four weeks to go and she is feeling fine. She just wants to lounge and sleep all day long – strange!

Litter A (Kira x Doby)

After a checkup at the vet it is confirmed:

We are expecting our first litter A around the first sunday of Advent.

  • Sire: Ch. Waterfall Velnio Malunas (Ch. Jo-Kar’s Black Magic Mountain x Ch. Jo-Kar’s Mel for Velnio Malunas), bred by Ingrida Bielauskaite (Velnio Malunas kennels, Lith.), owned by Shirley Court (kennel Princess of Wales, FCI), hips exc, eyes clear.

In Doby’s pedigree you can find studs like BIS/MBISS AmCh Coventry’s Lioness Pride, MBIS/MBISS AmGrCh CanCh Coventry’s Peace Negotiator and MBIS/MBISS AmCh CanCh Highlander’s Austin Powers. His sire and dam both are bred by Karen Potts (Jo-Kar Siberians, NC/USA) whose breeding is based mostly on the work of Kathleen Kanzler (Innisfree Kennels)

Many of Kira’s ancestors were bred by breeders who cherish the old foundations lines like Carol Dixon (Troika kennels, TX/USA), Jaana Sudensaaga (Kuuhaukun kennels, Finnland) and Roman Bobits (Celtic Wolves kennels, Austria). The Monadnock roots cannot be ignored in her structure and movements. Sylvia Gusinde is breeding with those lines as well as old working lines; Cwiok’s Call Me the Grinch (br. Denise Cwiok, Howl’n’Wind kennels, WI/USA), Kira’s great-grandfather on mother’s side, sired many litters in Ms Gusinde’s kennels. Kira’s sire, Coe’s Spirit Wolf of Zausel (breeder EvaMarie Coe, Coestars kennels, WI/USA) adds AmCh AmGrCh Odori Yuki Hotaru (breeder Ann Gregory, Snohomish kennels, NC/USA; owner Michelle Bigelow, Aoi Kita Kaze kennels, WI/USA) and the Snohomish-lines to her pedigree.

We are hoping for a colourful bouquet of very promising pups.

If you are interested, please contact us soon.