Puppy Love

You can watch the little ones growing – soon they will have each more than 1000 gramms! They are crawling around, mommie can leave the nest now and then without them starting to cry. And they are cute beyond description!!! I just cannot stop taking pictures… <3

Litter A

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Mommie is watching

New Pics of Litter A

We shot new pics of litter A.

Rüde 1 rot-weiß
male 1 red/white

Rüde 2 kupfer-weiß
male 2 copper/white

Hündin agouti-weiß
female agouti/white

Since Kira has started leaving the box for some minutes now and then, to eat and drink, to poo and to see what’s going on in and around the garden, the babys are crawling around on their own. As soon as they get noisy, mommie gets back to them.

Just for one time today she went off just for herself: she insisted on coming along, when I walked Sisko – just to push us to turn back on the next occasion. Anyway – she wanted to go for a walk the first time since she has babies. And when we returned, the little angles were fast asleep. 🙂

Pics from the Whelping Pen

Litter A

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Taking a nap

Litter A of Kahnawake

Last night our first litter A was born: 2 boys (red/white, copper/white) and a girl (agouti/white). Kira did a tremendous job, as she was relaxed most of the time. That is one reason that there were no problems occuring.

The babies are well nursed and very active. We are very blessed with this wonderful gift! <3

Male 1, red-white

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People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered,

If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives,

If you are successful, you win false friends and true enemies,

The good you do will be forgotten tomorrow,

Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable,

What you spent years building may be destroyed overnight,

People really need help but may attack you if you help them,

Give the world the best you have and you’ll get kicked in the teeth,

(Kent M. Keith, The Paradoxical Commandments 1-5, 8-10)

Whenever I get angry at someone or feel hurt, I read this short text which has a tremendously soothing and motivating effect on me. And yet, by all means, I reckon myself among those “people” mentioned. Beause not till then these thoughts really make a most beneficial impact.

In the 1960ies, Kent M. Keith, a 19 y/o US undergraduate, wrote down these thoughts and published them as “paradoxical commandments” in a book not much later. Mother Teresa copied them as quoted above on a sheet of paper and pinned it on the wall of her Shishu Bhavan Orohanage in Calcutta. In 1997, Keith received news about that, and he was not displeased about not being referred to as the author, but delighted instead.

Lovely days in fall

20161101_kira_01Some trees standing around the house had to be cut down, because they have grown to big. But apart from that we are enjoying these days. Kiras belly is gradually getting bigger and so she is taking things easier now. The weather is quite nice, and fall is wonderfully coulouring the leaves. Hence, we are quite happy with some long walks without any hurry.

Everything will be fine. 🙂


Going global …

20161031_kiralahnSince we now have tons of contacts all around the world, it seemed reasonable to translate this website into an halfway-decent English. Well, I hope it is not too awkward – anyway, if you, dear reader, spot mistakes or painful phrases, please tell me! I am not a native English speaker, so I need to be corrected.

It feels just great to gain more fans and friends all over the world.

And here is our girl, growing “fat like an otter”, as a friend put it nicely, on our yesterday’s walk along the river Lahn in town, while the tires were changed. Less than four weeks to go and she is feeling fine. She just wants to lounge and sleep all day long – strange!