More About Nukka…

Now that the C’babies have flown and Nukka has returned to her awesome family, it is time for a huge thankyou to Kirsten, Markus and Josie to offer us the opportunity to spend those wonderful months with Nukka and her pups! We are very happy to have found perfect families for those mischievous little ones, families who keep in touch with each other, with us and with the families of other pups of Kahnawake – what could be better?!

We added a photo gallery to Nukkas page on this site, so visitors can get to know better this great girl.

Let’s look forward to the Kahnawake Summer Powwow that will take place at Helmut’s birthday, at the third weekend of July – if all things go well with most of the Kahnawake puppers’ families and the studs’ owners as well. 

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Siberian Huskies of Kahnawake