In Face of the Pandemic…

… life is going on. For more than a fortnight all over the world people in power have taken actions and ordered rules of conduct to flatten the curve of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Public life is becoming quiet, economy ist suffering with substantial extend. Out here on the countryside the situations sems quite relaxed. Chatting “over the fence” has become popular again. Acts of solidarity with the most vulnerable to the virus are growing everywhere, although nobody knows how much longer we will have to deal with this situation that is even more nerve-stretching in bigger towns and cities than out here.

We are deeply impressed how people comfort each other and not just cry wolf, but encourage and cheer each other. As if an invisible enemy has made us realize, »We are all sitting in the same boat.«

And what ever outcome we will have to face – globally, in Europe, in Germany, in our area, in our neighborhoods and families – life will just be going on. We will not perish, but finally – like so many times in history – roll up our sleeves, mop the place and start from scratch. But to do that, we need hope and confidence.

Or should I say hope, faith and love?

We decided to cradle confidence in our hearts and not simply curl up in our home and wait in fear and wariness. With all things going well, we will have puppies from Shakaar out of Ezri by end of May or beginning of June. Both dogs are merry fellows, healthy and come from best lineages. There are people out there waiting for one of our puppies, some especially for one out of this mating.  They will not be ready for their furever families before beginning of August.

If you are interested, contact us as soon as possible!

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